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"We were kind of trained a bit by two US marines [...] We were put into the glade basically and got to familiarise ourselves with the surroundings and taught how to use machetes and taught about the different plants around, the different poisonous snakes and animals and stuff and how to deal with that. But also at the same time it was kind of like a team building exercise, which I hate, but it was masked as the cool thing to do." - Thomas Brodie-Sangster
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Okay, Brenderesa AU where Brenda is an artist who's just having this big gallery opening and she invites her cousin Thomas and tells him he can bring a date and so Thomas shows up with this cute woman (Teresa) who works at the same school as him (they're teachers) and he introduces her to Brenda and then later he's like "Brenda, I totally like this girl. I'm gonna make my move tonight." and Brenda is like "Bro, ohmygod. She's hella gay. Like hella." and Thomas doesn't believe her at first so (c)

Brenda decides the best way to handle it is to make a bet with good ol’ tommy, so basically she’s like “I’m going to get her number before you can even try to make your move.” and thomas is typical him so he agrees. and then Brenda flirts with Teresa and Teresa is like totally smitten bc Brenda is so cute and an artist and just awesome. So they end up exchanging numbers and make plans to go for coffee the next day and Thomas is just left standing there like “but. but. but I invited you here.”

sorry for the long, horrible, rambling hc, I just am having Brenderesa feels and I’m half asleep.


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Tbh i liked Brenda but the ending of tdc is so off and the way they described her made her seem so suspicious and off-putting. I honestly could have tolerated Teresa's death as a mean for thomas & Brenda to be together if they didn't make it seem like Brenda was manipulative??? Idk I felt like tdc didn't really end/explain things for me. If anything it kinda raised a lot of questions and I need to love Brenda again because rosa is so cute??

ugh i hated everything about tdc tbh the entire thing was rushed, teresa’s death LITERALLY (AS SAID BY THE AUTHOR) HAD ABSOLUTELY NO REASON (OF SUBSTANCE) TO HAPPEN and jdash ruined the TWO main girls he created by making them nothing more than love interests the whole thing just makes me rlly angry bUT I LOVE BRENDA IN TST SHE’S SUCH A BADASS AND SHE DOESN’T TAKE SHIT FROM ANYBODY AND ALSO ROSA IS ADORABLE

spookyscottmccall omg YES and then someone like thomas or minho or gally will jokingly say “why do you two have glow in the dark stars stuck around everywhere are you five” but brenda gets kinda insecure about it and teresa notices and she kinda playfully punches whoever said it in the arm and says something like “just because you guys are super boring about how you decorate your places doesn’t mean we have to be” and then brenda kisses her on the cheek or something aND WOW I NEED ART FOR THIS

spookyscottmccall replied to your post “(part 1)au where brenda’s whole attitude about life is basically “I’m not afraid of anything” because she hates being vulnerable but then her and teresa are talking and teresa says “come on, brenda, everyone is afraid of SOMETHING” and brenda gets all red and embarrassed and she just mumbles something and teresa asks her what she said and brenda just yells “I’M AFRAID OF THE DARK OKAY” and teresa just gives her a big hug and then says she has to go out really quick and when she comes back her”

omg this makes me super emotional and also very sad that I cannot draw because I just got the image of terresa and brenda building a fort out of blankets and they stick all the stars all over it and they cuddle and sleep under plastic stars aw aw aw

omg i k n o w i wish i could draw wow that would be the cutest thing they’d just be sticking stars on everything and maybe teresa would stick a tiny one on brenda’s cheek and they would laugh about it and uG H IT’S JUST REALLY CUTE

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You love Rosa but hate Brenda? i'm confused

i love rosa and i used to hate brenda bc of the death cure but then i got over it and started to love her again?????? idk what i could have said recently that would make anyone think i even dislike brenda?????