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Idk I've verb following you for the longest time (literally the first blog I followed c: ) and you seem so awesome and I just wanna be friends bc you seem amazing uhg ily uwu

omgggg dude that’s amazing and totally feel free to shoot me an ask any time you want i love talking to new people!! :)

sometimes i see kaya and just

The Maze Runner" Press Conference at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

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You're so protective of Brenda even though she wasn't your favorite character, BLESS YOU. Fandoms need more people like you.

we need to protect the 2 main girls we’ve got they’re so important and underappreciated

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tdc started quite slow and then like everything happened so fast. I was okay with not finding a cure it happens humanity is messed up. But i felt like jdash needed more time, he is an amazing writer just felt it was ended a little bit to rush

i wouldn’t say he’s “amazing” per se he’s definitely had a lot of flaws in his writing but yeah tdc definitely was not his best especially compared to the first book

“I just…feel like I need to save everyone. To redeem myself.” (x)

this fandom is so great :))))

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Oh i know they had the tattoos, and like they knew wicked manipulated a lot of things, but between being in a messed up situation and well thomas was quite smart but also an idiot he ended responding in that way, i'm not entirely sure why to be honest, i also thought he was dumb by not forgiving her. I think they all ended messed up

nothing made sense by the time tdc was over tbh jdash didn’t do a great job of tying up his loose ends