the maze runner + character traits

She’s just as tough as anybody else, maybe tougher. She’ll survive.


P r o p e r t y
O f


I can imagine Thomas and Teresa taking the pictures right before they get their memories swiped and sent into the maze.

Thomas, forever the realist and pessimist, knows that they’re going to go through shit and he is starting to notice that something is wrong because the minute he put on the test subject outfit and stepped in front of the camera it seems like the scientists have forgotten they are colleagues. But he just crushes those doubts, repeating WCKD is good, WCKD is good,” in his mind. He would do his part and they would get the cure, so he steels his face and sets his mouth in a hard line, trying to ignore the creeping apprehension bubbling up in his chest. 

And Teresa steps in front of the camera full of confidence like always. As if none of this bothers her. She raises her eyebrows slightly at the way her colleagues are treating her but she doesn’t think much of it. She assumes they’re just trying to prepare themselves to see her as simply a test subject in case anything goes wrong. They aren’t treating her like she’s beneath them on purpose, after all, none of this could have been possible without her. 

#: Y E S  

where are you getting to see teresa because when i go to wckdisgood all i see is thomas' face and i'm getting so angry bc kaya

dude i’ve only seen her in gifs i feel ur pain ok i’m not even home rn i’m in a hotel room w/ shitty wi-fi bc i’m visiting family and i won’t be home until tonight so idk not much is working for me at the moment i was hoping the only reason i’m not seeing anyone but thomas is bc my wi-fi is fucked i haven’t even read her bio yet i’ve only seen gifs of her i’m dYING i tried clicking the “next in queue” button and i tried replacing “/thomas” with “/teresa” in the address bar but it didn’t work for me so yeah idk man

but if anyone wants to help me and this cool lil anon out and tell us if there’s a way to see characters other than thomas that’d be cool

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QUICK HELP IM GOING TO WONDERCON TODAY FOR THE TMR PANEL and I was deciding whether to write "wicked" across all my knuckles or just "wckd" on one hand? I don't know which to doooo

yo that’s awesome good for you i hope you have an awesome time!!! and um i’d probably go with WCKD bc that’s technically what it is now or if you wanted both you could write “WICKED is good” on your arm like teresa did and then write WCKD on your knuckles???? but if you just want one of them i’d go with WCKD bc movie u feel me


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your excitement over new Teresa things gets me excited honestly I just love how much you love her

teresa is just a perfect lil angel and i wanna protect her forever and i love her so fuckin much and i’m so excited to see her show those gladers that she’s better than them and how she’s so smart and perfect and basically just a literal angel ok teresa agnes is a literal angel and i am in love with her

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you can hate teresa agnes for stupid reasons all you want but you can never say that her hair and eyebrow game isn’t hella strong

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