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Dylan O’Brien at The Maze Runner Conference

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Kaya Scodelario at The Maze Runner Conference

Anonymous asked:

So this is weird but I've never actually seen Kaya's acting before. Do you know where I could watch something she was in like Skins? I'm in the U.S. if that matters/

ohh ok well since you’re in the US it’s relatively easy. i know i used to watch the episodes on youtube there are definitely some there or if you want you can use hola make suse it’s on the UK setting and you can probably watch some on  e4’s website/youtube channel or if you have netflix/hulu all the episodes are also on both of those platforms :)

You’re not like the others." [x]
"It is wonderful that he could fly without wings, but the place itched tremendously, and—and—perhaps we could all fly if we were as dead-confident-sure of our capacity to do it as was bold Peter Pan that evening.”   {Peter Pan In Kensington Gardens; J. M. Barrie}

The only way out is through  t h e  m a z e
It never takes the same shape twice



So, I reached my next hundred before my birthday and I’m really happy about it so I decided to make a follow forever<3 This is my first follow forever and also today is the first of September and I’m excited because it’s September. You know what happens in September : TMR will hit theaters and also my birthday is coming yay (but most importantly, TMR will hit theaters)

I want to thank you every beautiful person who’s following me, without you I won’t be able to reach my next hundred, obviously. Thank you for following me even though you know my blog is not cool at all, I can’t make amazing edits and stuff but yet you’re still following me<3 I really love running this blog and being a part of tmrfandom because all of you are so nice and lovely<3 

So these are the blogs that I will always follow them and they’ll always be on my following list forever and always. Of curse, I will follow you into the dark.<3

First I want to give shoutout to my these lovely cuties, they’re made of sunshine and I love them so much<3

mightygayders minewt fuchsschatten waterfallliam gaynewt queersilvers divergentwolf newtlevel theherooftime64 awhoech<3

Also shoutout to these super hella rad blogs that I love and I adore from afar

mazerun gladerfamily wickedisgood femaleglader commandernewt dailygladers thomas-gangster punkgally survivegladers thominho shuckfaceparadise shuckitnewt newtalby vlavlaed<3

Shoutout to these hella amazing blogs and also, I will [always] follow you into the dark<3 


allisonoargent bengally bloodycrank-newt bloodyhellnewt bloodyglade bloodyinspirednewt bloodyinspiredcrank captaingalileo captaingally crank-palace death-cures


falloutburninhell flarednewt flareinfected gladersmaze gladors hailfrypan heysexydylan


itsacode jojentheglader jojunreed kismesiis kittyprdes lavamermaids


markblckthorne mazenalby minhothleader newtglader n-e-w-t newtforisaacnewton newtism newtscrank runnieundies sangstergasm sangstersgangsters sarasnewtasticmusings swishy-pants stinggrieversting


tereseagnes thcmasmuller thcmaspulledthetrigger thegladerunners thomassangsterau thominhewt troughthecloudstothesky wckdaris wckdnewt wckedminho 

Okay, that’s all I think. I’m sorry If I missed anyone.. Alright have a lovely day<3

thank you!!!!!!!!

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