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ohgally replied to your post “I want more brenderesa+social media :( :( :( :( (or thomesa or nalby or tewt)”

please tell me there is going to be gallen involved i will sell you a soul or two


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Anonymous asked:

Hi there!! I love your blog and I really hope you don't take this the wrong way at all but I was just never very drawn to Teresa in the Maze Runner books?? And I was just wondering what stands out about her to you because honestly I really want to like her... sorry if this is a strange question...

hey, thanks!!! and yeah a lot of people feel that way, but i think it’s just a matter of appreciating her character?? like when you really look at her, she’s amazing. she’s smart, strong, dedicated, vehemently protective of those she cares about, and she’s willing to do anything and everything she has to in order to keep others safe. she’s more than all that though. she’s also clever, sarcastic, and has a dry wit that’s really refreshing to the story. (ex. one of the VERY FIRST things she says is “i guess he forgot to tell you about the part where i kicked him in the groin and jumped out the window”). james created a truly amazing female character who had SO MUCH potential and he just wasted it to make her a factor to increase thomas’ man-pain. she was honestly so strong and she absolutely REFUSED to break under pressure. she was the strongest character in the entire series imo and i just have absolutely endless amounts of love for her. she died to save the only person in the world she cared about and she did that with the full knowledge that he COMPLETELY hated her after what she had done to protect him. she’s really just a character that you either appreciate right from the beginning or someone you learn to love but i just have never disliked her ever i always trusted her 110% and i just lOVE TERESA AGNES

We don’t belong h e r e.

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I want more brenderesa+social media :( :( :( :( (or thomesa or nalby or tewt)

i think i might do some more brenderesa bc i loved it so much and i’m def gonna do those couples too don’t worry i have a whole list of couples/friendships i’m gonna do!!! :)

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I think the anon meant the "jennifer lawrence" kind of hollywood hype

once again, they were all headed in that direction with their careers anyway. i think it’s great that they’re getting attention from tmr, but they already had a ridiculous amount of recognition from their own projects (i.e. teen wolf, skins, we’re the millers, game of thrones, etc.). they were making their way to that level of fame just fine, tmr did speed it up a bit, but i have no doubt that they’d all be just as successful anyway without tmr, it would just take a little more time. the only people in the cast who have truly skyrocketed their careers through this film are the ones who weren’t very well known beforehand (ki hong, blake, aml, etc.). otherwise, there’s really not too much of a difference. a majority of our cast are so so so famous as it is like idk there’s nothing tmr has done for them that they wouldn’t have been able to manage to do for themselves eventually anyway???? don’t get me wrong i LOVE that they’re getting the recognition even earlier than they would have otherwise but people are acting as if the cast wouldn’t have made it without tmr when they are already very well established actors in their own right.

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i feel so bad for teresa, so bad... she gave everything for people that didn´t give a shit about her, she lost everything, but she was still fighting for thomas, for her, for what she believed, for everyone... but in the end it was all in vain... i feel so so sorry for her... james your asshole