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↳ G r i e v e r s, we call ‘em.”

Just some of Will Poulter’s tweets defending everyone’s honor after experiencing a bitter old man’s review of The Maze Runner.



fun fact for maze runner fans: most of the maze was inside of an abandoned sam’s club. so when i visited set and walked around all the mazes, it was interesting to look up and see that certain parts of it were in what was labeled “meat section” and “dairy section”

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I just watched the video and they weren’t even rude like???? And those questions were really stupid

yeah honestly i think they were extremely polite especially considering the fact that they were thrown into a ridiculous game that was very obviously only made to entertain the interviewer

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what video is this from?

this one


okay there are very few issues that i ahve with the maze runner movie, which is actually amazing because they changed like so much, but after seeing it a second time i just need to address five big issues i have with it

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hey!! idk you don’t have to read this but i can clear some of these things up for you bc they were talked about in some of the interviews ok so:

  1. the number of gladers in the end i don’t think was very important?? they kept the major characters/characters that were going to die next movie in and that was really it. i think this is pretty understandable bc the gladers didn’t even work together that much in a way that would require numbers in tst aside from “hurry up and run away from things” plus there’s the issue of all the new characters that are going to be introduced next movie so that’s probably another reason for how few of them survived.
  2. when gally killed chuck i was surprised w the direction they took it in. i was kind of disappointed that they made it seem more of gally wanting to kill thomas rather than gally being forced. but, in the book, he was aiming at thomas, not chuck. chuck jumped in front of thomas and sacrificed himself in both versions so that detail did stay the same even though gally’s role changed a bit.
  3. they took out a lot of the glader language bc everyone (including james) agreed that, if overused the way it was in the books, the slang was kind of ridiculous—especially to people who didn’t read the books beforehand.they used it sparingly to demonstrate that it was a thing that the gladers kind of made their own, but it also didn’t replace the vernacular of just regular people
  4. the telepathy was cut bc everyone working on the film agreed that it wouldn’t translate very well to the big screen (and i totally agree) and basically they didn’t want to have to shoot scenes of dylan and kaya awkwardly staring at each other for lengths of entire conversations at times and then voice over it bc it just wouldn’t have translated well

so yeah the only thing i didn’t really get was the time frame???? idk it was kind of all over the place w that but yeah there’s your answers to everything else! :)

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YES THAT WAS MY SAME REACTION. i was laughing so hard he was just sitting there and looked so serious but i could totally feel his excitement!

omg i know like i thought he was maybe gonna be one of the dead scientists or something bc that part was so different that i just thought they weren’t gonna do the thing where we got to see the scientists after they escaped so when they showed ava paige i was rlly focused on her and then i was just like thAT IS JDASH OH MY GOD and i almost fucking cackled bc he was so awkwardly serious but i let out like a giggle of “wtf is happening” (even though i knew he was gonna have a cameo bc he said he was) and these girls stared at me with this look on their faces like “this is such a serious part” and i wish i could have been like “u did not experience that man’s pure unbridled awkwardness for 5 years of ur life u do not understand what it is like seeing him on the big screen for me”

omg i forgot to mention when i saw jdash in the movie i laughed rlly hard bc he was just there and i noticed him and idk why but i died like he was a good lil serious faced scientist but i was dying bc he’s just such an awkward guy and i just?????

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Is it that strawburry17 video? Are people seriously saying the casts are rude???

yeah it is and there was a whole string of comments saying stuff like “oh you deserve better than to have this cast that obviously doesn’t care” and “no offense but they seem like dicks” and “they were rushing so much they obviously didn’t care” and it’s like???????????????? how is it their fault that they got saddled with an interviewer who doesn’t know how to correctly interview?????? like the game was a cool concept but it probably would have gone much more smoothly if she had asked questions about the maze runner for points instead of stuff like “what production studio made films such as howl’s moving castle” and “what is an rpg” and “name x, y, and z things from sailor moon” like not everyone is interested in that kind of stuff so you can’t really blame the cast for being like “wtf are these questions” while they were playing the game like i would have done the same thing if i was in their position

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Dylan O’brien, Kaya Scodelario and Will Poulter photographed by Lenny Gilmore.

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